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Ya Don't Know What Ya Don't Know

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having champagne tastes when it comes to buying a home unless your budget is more in line with the soda or water aisle of the grocery store. Starting the home-buying process when your expectations and your budget don't match is as recipe for frustration and dissatisfaction. Get some quick tips and hints about what you need to know to get your $$$ and your expectations on the same page. Make your life and your agent's just a little easier and you'll be happier from the beginning, all the way to your keys!!

Now is not the time to put the cart before the horse. Credit is everything!! You can't hand pick your home until you know what you can afford.

Here's is the contact information for our guest host: John Hinks Jr., Lending Path Mortgage, or (803) 546-0522. Please call or email me directly for your one-time, special discount code for credit repair services with Urban Financial Solutions: or 803-730-2406.

Ask questions before choosing your real estate agent or Realtor.  Not all real estate professionals are created equal! Take the time to educated yourself on who you choose to work with. Your property will probably be one of the biggest transactions you'll ever make. You'll definitely want to make it with an expert at your side.

A podcast with a mission to educate and empower people on their home selling or buying journey. Introducing and explaining the things you might not be aware of when going through that process.

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